1. When we call to confirm your appointment, we will ask you our COVID-19 questions; if you have any of the symptoms on the list, we will reschedule your appointment.
  2. Call when you arrive or ring the doorbell. We’ll let you know when your service provider is ready before you enter the building.
  3. All salon team members and guests must wear masks. We can provide you one if needed.
  4. Please sanitize or wash your hands upon arrival.
  5. We’ll greet you verbally (no hugs or handshakes) and escort you to your designated area.
  6. Please come alone if possible. No additional guests.
  7. Our stations are spaced 10ft apart to maintain distance between guests; the stations are also disinfected between each guest’s appointments.
  8. Capes are washed between each guest, as always.
  9. Hand and shoulder massages will not be offered.
  10. Please, bring in only what you need to your appointment.
  11. Please remain in your designated area until your services are finished.
  12. Allow one of our team members to shop the retail area for you.
  13. The payment area at the front desk is disinfected between each guest; if a guest is there before you, let our team member finish disinfecting before you approach.
  14. We will escort you out after you have paid and made your next appointment.